Android Chrome Beta starts to support WebGL

Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Earlier people were talking about the fact that Google would bring WebGL to Android Chrome and this day had finally come. On February 10th the new app called Chrome Beta started to appear on Google Play. This beta version is based on the source code of Chrome 25 which brings a great performance evolution, instead of the currently stable Chrome 18. What is more attractive, this Android Chrome now starts to support WebGL.

However, as it is still a beta version, it is still a little bit complex to turn on the WebGL feature. The well-known WebGL developer, Brandon Jones, gives a solution below:

First of all, you need:

A rooted Jellybean or Ice Cream Sandwich Android device;
A computer, with whatever OS installed;
Android SDK and Platform Tools installed.

After all above are settle down, connect your Android device to your computer with USB, and input the command below in your computer terminal or command line:

adb shell ‘echo “chrome –enable-webgl” > /data/local/chrome-command-line’

Now when you run your Chrome Beta, the WebGL will be turned on. Try it with some demos you like or start testing your own apps!

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