Choose Joomla as the system for creating the website of your business

Saturday, 29 May 2010

As the speed development of the internet, a good website is becoming more and more important for corporate, website is not only the face of your business but also the market perception of your enteprise, it would affect the market competitiveness of your business directly as the internet is becoming an indispensable part of people's life.

However, maybe you are at a loss now, "how can I design the website for my business?", "how can I do the maintenance it although it has been created by an IT company?" Yes, you are not a IT person and it seems over your budget to establish an IT department in your company, you must be looking for something to help you out, is there anything which really can help you? Of course yes, a good content management system such as Joomla will be able to totally help you, here I will introduce Joomla exclusively to you.

Joomla is a powerful content management system for website creating, it is so unbelievable that such a good system can be downloaded free, what’s more, Joomla almost can get any functionality you want because of its enormous extension source. Most importantly, once your Joomla site is up and running, anyone with basic word processing skills can update it by adding content, managing images and keeping company-critical data up-to-date via a simple, browser-based interface.

• Joomla System is absolutely free.

Ease of Use
• Efficient control of users, links, content and files;
• Search engine friendly URLs;
• Image Resizing;
• Prototyping;
• The ability to choose your WYSIWYG Editor.

• Content Syndication (RSS) enabling the incorporation of news bulletins;
• User Profiling;
• Blog;
• Picture Galleries;
• Contact Management;
• FAQ Management;
• Banner Management;
• Document Management;
• Mail Form;
• Calendar;
• Polls;
• Built-in search facility;
• Search Engine visibility is easily controllable;
• Data manager for uploading and administering information;
• Archiving facility, enabling the re-use of content;
• Publication of content in printable, pdf or email format;
• Simple workflow system;
• Multilingual frontend;
• User Contributions.

Management & Performance
• Content Scheduling;
• Simple and expandable template and component system;
• On-line Administration;
• Asset Management;
• Simple web Statistics;
• Caching mechanism that speeds up the site's operation.

• Content Approval;
• Email Verification and protection from spam robots;
• Login History;
• Session Management;
• Versioning;
• Hierarchical user groups.

By reading here, I believe your must be expecting your own Joomla website now, please don't hesitate to find a Joomla web design company such as JoomlaCreator to create the website for you, then manage the content by yourself as the website running.

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