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Thursday, 3 June 2010

VirtueMart Shopping Cart System (VSCS) is one of its kind user-friendly e-commerce technologies aimed at fulfilling the essential online business requirements without much fuss.

For the uninitiated, VirtueMart Shopping Cart System is a complete online e-commerce system that is not just user-friendly, but also loaded with extensive features, which make VSCS a robust e-commerce solution. For the Joomla and Mambo fans, VirtueMart is just like a breath of fresh air. With easy maneuverability, and simple interface, VSCS simply rocks

Based on PHP-MySQL, VirtueMart has an extendable framework that can be further enhanced with the help of modules, components, plug-ins, and templates.

Virtues of VirtueMart

• Simple AJAX-based shopping cart for a user-friendly experience
• Extremely flexible shopping cart with the ability to add unlimited number of products and categories
• Ability to display multiple pricing for the same product on the basis of customer purchase history
• Multiple languages and currencies support with variable tax calculations
• Real-time currency conversion feature
• Powerful Web administration backed by JavaScript
• Empowers you with the ability to use it either as a complete e-commerce solution or asimple product catalogue minus any pricing details
• Detailed Control Panel with the ability to display new customers, latest orders, shop stats, product-wise attributes, classification, and images
• Robust payment processing system with multiple gateway support, including credit cards, PayPal, etc. which can also be extended using additional modules
• Capability to provide industry standard Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) Encryption (128-bit)
• Sales report generation
• Choice of either moderated or auto-published product ratings and reviews.
• Flexible shopping carriers and rates configuration
• Multiple tax calculation models – ShipTo Address, Store Address, and EU Mode
• Powerful shoppers interface, tools and features

Joomla Web Design & VirtueMart

Our team of VirtueMart experts offers one-stop-solution for all your VirtueMart needs. We have specialized knowledge and experience in the following VirtueMart services –

• VirtueMart Customization
• VirtueMart Custom Template Design & Development
• VirtueMart Template Integration
• VirtueMart Module & Component Development
• VirtueMart Plug-ins Development
• VirtueMart Configuration & Installation
• VirtueMart Upgrades
• VirtueMart Theme & Extension Development
• VirtueMart Support
• VirtueMart Integration With Social Networking Extensions
• VirtueMart Data Migration from Joomla 1.0 to Joomla 1.5

We have delivered tailored VirtueMart solutions unique to the businesses of several big and small enterprises. And we’d love to serve you and be a part of your success!

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