JCE editor and Moset Tree listing description does not work problem resolved

Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Some developers should meet problems when Joomla Moset Tree (also called MTree) integrates with JCE editor. The listing description area in the backend does not display the JCE editor panel at all, instead, other fields work just fine.

We just met such a similar problem in a recent project, say the JCE does not work with Moset Tree. The system used is Joomla 2.5, with Moset Tree 2.2.6 and the latest version of JCE. We did a lot of search on line and actually none of them explain this well and clearly/

Here is the solution:

1. The default setting of Moset Tree for listing description will strip HTML code actually. So first of all, go to the Moset Tree in your Joomla backend, then go to "Custom Fields" at the buttom of the left hand.

2. There you will see the list of all data fields of your Moset Tree, click on the "Description" core field, then on the right hand you will see sections like "Strip all HTML tags in blah blah". Select the ones you do not want the Moset Tree to strip the HTML as "No", then save.

3. Now go to the "Configuration" on the left hand menu, then click on "Admin" tab, there you will see "Use WYSIWYG Editor description field in back-end:", select “Yes", then "Save".

Now you will see the JCE editor back in your listing description field.

What weired is, many people were posting this problem on both JCE and Moset Tree forums, but all posts were deleted and you can not get the right information to fix this problem. Maybe these 2 companies are not happy or against each other? God knows lol.

Hope this helps. If you meet any similar problem in your Joomla development, feel free to contact us at any time!


I was wondering why there is no listing description fields available for JCE. Aha finally I found you guys' post about this. I think MTree makes this default setting as "No JCE" is because they are afraid things like JCE would break the default front-end template layout of MTree itself.

I dont know if this is the right place for my post. I am running Mosets Tree 3.0 and when i create custom fields and assign them to specific categories for some reason the add listing button in the frontend becomes inactive. Has anyone had this problem. my domain is http://www.mybusiness-connect.com

Hi Richard, thanks for your comments. Could you please contact me at jimmy@jooomlacreator.com so that I can have more details to see where the problem is? Also I set up a testing enviroment with MTree 3 and Joomla 2.5 on our server for repeating the problems you are havng on http://project.joomlacreator.com/one/. Please contact me personally so I can set this up same to what you have on your site.

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