JoomlaCreator has helped many design agencies build up over hundreds of websites. The main reason why we could deliver high quality projects in a comparatively shorter turnover time is that we use the most popular CMS combined with the latest technologies.

Why CMS?

CMS stands for Content Management System

The good CMS’s now are so good, that no-one should be doing a static html site any more. A CMS is a web based system where the content is stored in a database and the templates, styles or themes are maintained separately from the content. This way a website can be maintained by several people independently where ever they are. This flexibility offers so much in terms of speed and ease of maintenance thus reduced costs.

Multiple Editors Anywhere

Authors, editors and the web designer could all maintain different aspects without interfering with each other. A non web literate business owner can edit any simple text she felt needed changing, a more office literate person could create new text and reorder pages etc, and the web designer could be changing the look or adding functionality at the same time. This is infinitely better than a PC or mac based approach using Freeway or Dreamweaver, where there is one place on one machine where the entire web is to be maintained. It is much cheaper and faster.

“Sophisticated” Content and HTML Knowledge

That said, more “sophisticated” content may require some knowledge of html, or a source tool where the resulting html can be pasted into the content window. Tables are an example of this. It is difficult office literate person could create new text and reorder pages etc, and the web designer could be for a web based CMS to enable table creation with clean HTML. However basic HTML is relatively easy to learn, it is not a programming language.

What we deliver as a website

Design converts to template

Designers and agencies create amazing design all the time to make sure the website does not look like a hundred others. But to convert a design into a website 100% same is always a challenge. We have built up many sites and are greatly experienced in how to present the site just in the design.

Compliant & clean code

Not only the pretty design we need to accomplish in code, but also we need to consider the code itself to make the site achieve great results. The codes need to follow standards like W3C and clean enough to have the site be found by Google smoothly.

Search engine friendly

Our web development service includes full SEF optimizations, which contains points below:

  • Robots.txt installation
  • 301/302 redirections for old URLs
  • Full site URL static optimization
  • Meta tags adding
  • Htaccess installation
  • SEF sitemap generation

Realiable and fast

Our server administrator could help you optimize both your website and your server to make sure your website would fast and secured.

  • SVN set up (for VPS)
  • G-zip installation
  • Full site backup
  • Server optimization and administration
  • Server speed test

Life time assistance and support

Any website or other project made by JoomlaCreator would have the full life time support. This support can be reached if you find any bug or problem on your website at any time. This service we provide is for creating a long term relationship with our clients by making sure their websites can work perfectly all the time. We solve problems of our projects as soon as they are reported.

What costs are we talking about to build up a cms site?

Many companies are not comfortable to talk about the prices of development and there may be tons of traps or hidden costs behind these. But we can tell you what price ranges we are talking about for our services, just on this page.

Average Setup Cost and Maintenance in CMS Website Development Industry Nowadays (for the 3 most popurlar CMS's)

  Drupal Joomla WordPress
Average Setup and Customization Cost* $5,000 - $50,000 $2,000 - $20,000 $250 - $15,000
Average Monthly Maintenance Cost* $1,000 - $2,000 $500 $250

* depending on the level of customizations to the Core Modules or the design complexity

OUR COSTS ARE ONLY AROUND 60% OF ALL THESE COSTS ABOVE! This basically means to build a website from us, you can save 40% of the average costs from other companies in the industry. With this 40% extra money we save for you, you can do more online promotions, or do whatever you want. We will not sacrifice any quality of the work to get this level of low costs for you.

So what are you waiting for? Make A Quotation Today to start your new CMS website, with the best services JoomlaCreator will provide you.

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