Your website is ready, but tons of content may need to be filled in. Rather than spending huge amount of time in content/data entries, you can ask JoomlaCreator to handle it.

JoomlaCreator has a group of employees who are quite familiar with different kinds of website systems and could accomplish complex and time phasing content update and data entry tasks for our clients.

Beside for the content on website, with the help of our high-level conscientiousness and understanding to different CMS, CMR, PM system, JoomlaCreator is able to deliver accurate data entry at a highly compelling expense compared with other companies you tried before for other aspects of your business.

The advantages of using JoomlaCreator to do content updates and data entries

  • Accurate
  • Cost effective
  • Familiar with all kinds of web systems, highly efficient
  • Technical support for duplicated operations like copy and paste

What range of content updates/data entries can JoomlaCreator help with?

  • Content update for websites
  • Data entry and processing
  • Full-text data capture
  • Form based data capture
  • Web mining/web data extraction
  • Data capture and digital imaging
  • Manual data/text entry
  • Image scanning/indexing and OCR

What do I need to provide for JoomlaCreator to start the work?

We may require clients to provide us information below to start the content updates of websites and other data entry work. Any information delivered to JoomlaCreator will be highly enclosed and a NDA (non-disclosure agreement) would to signed by us.

  • Your website access information (if web content update is needed)
  • Your data management system access (if data entry to systems like CRM, PM, ERP is needed)
  • Your data/content update procedure instructions (if the data system is something new to JoomlaCreator)
  • Your data capture target website(s) or at least the range of content you want to capture.
  • Texts, images, data sheet or other formats of files we will need to use as data sources.

What is JoomlaCreator's hourly rate for content updates and data entries?

JoomlaCreator works on content updates and data entries on hourly basis. Our hourly rate for this service is only USD 10. Contact us today to get a time estimation for your project.

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