JoomlaCreator, otherwise stated here as the Service and you, otherwise stated here as the Client.

Initial agreement by phone, e-mail or in person will result in the creation of an electronic and hard copy of these terms of service to be signed by both the Service and the Client. This will serve as the contract, legal and binding. If you choose not to mail the contract, you can express in writing via e-mail that you accept the terms and conditions of the contract.
Upon receipt of the signed contract and a 50 percents deposit for site design, (check or money order made payable to JoomlaCreator, in US dollars, MasterCard/Visa/Discover/American Express, or PayPal) from the Client for services to be rendered by the Service, work will commence. Both parties will retain a copy of the contract.
The Client may at any time request a progress report and view the work for inspection as the Service may also ask the Client for periodic inspection of the work in progress for approval.
Upon completion of the project, the Client will review the final product for approval and submit any changes. After final approval, the remaining fee for services rendered will be due. Upon receipt of the balance due, the product will be uploaded to the Client's server. This will be considered the official launch date of the site.
Receipt of the balance due acknowledges acceptance of the final product. Once the final product is uploaded onto the Client's server, no refunds will be issued.
The Service will assist the Client with site layout, domain name registration, and choosing a host server.
Minor updates (link additions, minor text additions) done at no additional charge for three (3) months after launch date. Standard maintenance after three (3) months will be billed at $15.00 per hour. Major changes (page redo's, page additions) will be charged by price-per-page. E-commerce enable sites will be charged $35 per hour for shopping cart configuration, above and beyond any price-per-page fee.
The Service will use images (photos) provided by the Client and/or custom graphics. Images provided by the Client must be free of copyright, unless copyright is held by the Client and permission is given to the Service to use them.
The Service will submit Client's site to major search engines and your business' on-line industry directories not covered by your host server.
Excessive text (as determined by the Service and the Client) will be provided by the Client via electronic document, otherwise a fee of $35.00 per hour, billed to the nearest quarter hour will be assessed for time spent entering text.
No additional charges outside the initial package agreement covered in the terms of service will apply unless circumstances cause a need and will NOT be added without consent from the Client.
The Service will do it's best to provide the Client with a 100% satisfactory product. If at any time the Client becomes dissatisfied with the product, prior to final upload, the Client will request, in writing, that the Service discontinue work on the product and a refund of the initial deposit, less 10% time dedicated to the Client, will be sent to the Client. This will indicate the termination of the contract. Upon termination the Client will have no rights to ownership of any products provided by the Service that have been previewed.
If client need us to register domain, choose hosting etc, all of these costs are the responsibility of the Client. The Service is not responsible or liable for any damages that may occur to the Client for use of any outside services.
The Service is not responsible for down time experienced by the host server of the Client.
The Service will place a link from the Client's site to JoomlaCreator and list the Client in the Portfolio of JoomlaCreator. This can benefit the Client as an additional marketing tool by drawing potential customers to the Client's site.
Although JoomlaCreator respects freedom of speech and expression, Clients requesting the Service to create sites that are pornographic, hateful, racist, lewd, harmful, for the promotion of illegal activities or otherwise offensive will be not be accepted.
Any extension or software created by JoomlaCreator and purchased by the Client, will have a one off payment, or half year support service fee. Any purchased extension and software will have no refund issued after the payment is done. The Client can get support by using the forum system of JoomlaCreator if the Client is the purchaser or subscriber of the extension/software.

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